Community Lives Project | Fermanagh and Omagh Council

Graphic Harvesting & Digital Illustrations

As part of an ongoing ‘Community Lives’ project, I attended a series of community workshops where attendees discussed what Arts and Heritage projects they would like to see in their areas in the future.

I created two large paper drawings for the different locations based on the conversations happening in the room. The participant’s imagination was captured on the day as they saw their ideas brought to life in front of them, which helped to further engage them in the process with the facilitator.

After the event, they act as a form of documentation of the day’s discussions, perfect for sharing with key stakeholders and the community in the future.

After the event I also illustrated two digital pieces to complement the paper artwork – based on the group’s final visions. The digital pieces help to extend the reach of the live drawings and by defining the intended outcomes in this way, help the project to leave a lasting impact.

Client: Verbal Arts Centre | Derry – Londonderry