Do you sell prints of your work?

I do! I have a small number of prints available on my Etsy.

I have an idea for a children’s book. Can we work together?

Illustrators get asked this question a lot but the process for children’s books generally involves a publisher first before the illustrator is brought on board later by the art director, so you might not need me yet! 🙂

If it’s a self-publishing project and you have a budget in mind, feel free to pop me an email to chat. 

If it’s for a personal book project that you’d like to create yourself for a loved one, as much I love these kinds of stories (they’re so magical!) it’s generally cost prohibitive to commission an illustrator for them, as children’s books can involve months of work to fully illustrate. 

What is Graphic Recording / Graphic Harvesting?

Graphic recording is a creative way of bringing information to life at workshops and conferences. The recorder (also known as a harvester) works live to create visuals that tell the story of an event – incorporating a mix of insightful quotes from speakers and the fresh learnings of the talks and discussions. These are all mapped in a visual way either on paper as part of a display in the room, or digitally using an ipad or drawing tablet.

How much does an animation cost?

I’ve created animated explainers and pieces for a range of different customers, from big corporates and NGOs to many wonderful small businesses. They differ in cost from project to project as there are a lot of variables. Please get in touch if you have something in mind and I can arrange a costing for you. Here are a few things that I may ask you about, so that I can understand your project better:

The Content. What information are you looking to convey? This is an important one. The more info you can give me here, the clearer picture I will get of how I can help.

Where will it be used? Is it a short-term piece for social content or something that should stand the test of time on a website?

Does the final piece need to be a certain length? If you’re unsure about this one don’t worry, I can often advise based on the content.

Will you be providing a script or would you prefer that I craft the script as part of the project?

Do you have a set budget in mind? If you already know the budget you have for the project, I can advise you on what options might work within that. 

If you have a project in mind and want to ask me some questions or get a quotation, feel free to send me an email; I’d love to chat to you and see how I can help bring your idea to life.

Do you offer private commissions? (Portraits etc.)

I take on a limited number of private commissions every year. If you are thinking about commissioning a piece for yourself or as a gift, send me an email me with your ideas – I can check availability and we can have a chat. 🙂